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Using new energy responsibly and optimally


Your offshore Service Provider

The advantages of energy production using wind are obvious. Off our coasts gigantic wind farms are forming, ones that produce huge quantities of green electricity. However, this energy production also presents us with new challenges. The future use of wind power at sea will make extreme demands not only on structural design, but also on fabrication, operation and maintenance of the installations.

To us, offshore wind power means fast response times, excellently trained staff with offshore authorization (HUET-NOGEPA, OPITO, specialists in PSAgA, EUP, Fisat Level 1 - 3, etc.), competent networking with customers and suppliers, and above all total operational readiness, willingness and reliability towards our customers and partners.


Technologie und AnlagenBau Engineering- und
Managementgesellschaft mbH

Am Soll 6
D-18182 Bentwisch

Fon: +49 (0) 381 121 82 37-0
Fax: +49 (0) 381 121 82 37 10

E-mail: info@tab-gmbh.com

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To get the most out of offshore wind farms, complex and rugged submarine cables are indispensable. One of our main services is the complete implementation of the cable runs and the operative and strategic planning of cable runs of highvoltage cables.

»Through our quality, flexibility and reliability we set standards and make the most of your offshore wind farm. This is how we are making an important contribution to the success of renewable energies.«

Our services, of course, also include special steel structures for safeguarding and supporting this work including the necessary scaffolding (MERO, Layher).


Service and performance require a high degree of flexibility and expertise in the strategic and operational offshore business.

As a result of our extensive experience in offshore services, through the trust we have earned and our excellent references, we are competent and highly qualified to support our customers in their projects by providing site supervision and management, as well as in the preparation of risk analyses and complex procedures.


Out at sea, nature makes its own rules. Wind, sun and water quickly deteriorate materials. It is all the more important to manufacture steel structures that are capable of withstanding these demands.

We fabricate structural steel offshore constructions according to your drawings or prepare our own design documents, (including the necessary static and dynamic calculations), as well as customized constructions in mild steel (carbon steel) and stainless steel (VA), always in close collaboration with the appropriate classification societies.

It goes without saying that our work includes delivery and installation.

Beispielbild Service-Offshore Beispielbild Service-Offshore Beispielbild Service-Offshore

Many customers put their trust in us and have come to appreciate us as a reliable, expert partner. Below is an excerpt from our references and services.


  • Project management, construction management, construction supervision for transformer stations at sea
  • Planning, preparation, implementation and monitoring of cable rewind MV / HV (until acceptance by the classification company)
  • Interface management and coordination of subcontractors to the customer
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Secondary Steel (construction, structural engineering, production of all steel grades incl. certification by the DNV-GL or comparable classification companies)
  • Coordinating maritime logistics
  • Installation/Assembly of supporting systems of all kinds from reputable manufacturers such as (Halfen, Hilti, Sikla, etc.)
  • Inspection, services and maintenance installed steel components, cranes, winches, etc.
  • Construction and production of cable baskets for cable spare and offcuts
  • Special solutions in the area of steel construction incl. standardcompliant coating depending on location of application
  • Commissioning and construction of ancillary systems (e.g. oil separation systems, lighting systems, emergency shutdown, reverse osmosis plants, etc.)
  • Material procurement
  • Special scaffolding
  • Rope access technology
  • 24 h / 365 days emergency preparedness
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