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Meeting the highest demands


Your Partner for Handling Technology


High-performance handling technology throughout the world makes high demands on handling capacities on the one hand, and on the other, on the permanent availability of technical facilities.

Failures of equipment and personnel during the handling process result in high costs and tie up resources that should be available elsewhere in the terminal. The „human-technology“ system must work smoothly and safely to meet the ever-increasing handling rates. In all this, an important aspect is the safety of workers who are responsible before the start of the loading process, in between and afterwards for ensuring that all loads are ready for subsequent unloading and safe sea transport. With our combined lashing cages you ensure that whenever and in whatever situation, both the safety of the lasher and also the availability of your mechanical equipment can be guaranteed.


The combined lashing cage consists of a 40-foot basic lashing cage and a 20-foot lashing cage. The 20-foot lashing cage is centrally located in the 40-foot basic structure and is centred by position adapters and guide pins. In lashing work with the 40-foot lashing cage, the 20-foot lashing cage is entrained. When using the 20-foot lashing cage, the 40-foot basic structure is not used and remains in the parked position.

Our lashing cages are available as a standard version with shockabsorbing buffers for the 20-foot lashing cage, and in the version with active mechanical interlocking and unlocking include spring-loaded pins in the container feet.

Umschlagstechnik Laschenkorb in der Fertigung Umschlagstechnik Spezialtraverse Umschlagstechnik kombinierte Laschenkörbe


The state of technology, as well as national and international safety requirements, means transporting the lasher onto and off the deck with a lashing cage. Also, using the lashing cage, the tools necessary for unlashing and lashing, for example, the lashing rods (approx. 4-6 metres) as well as the lashing material, such as twist locks, can be transported safely and accessibly for all participants in the handling process. When releasing the twist locks, the lashers get as close to the end faces of the lashing cage as possible in order to be able to unlock the twist locks with the lashing rods. When gathering up the twistlocks, the lashers kneel at the end faces of the lashing cage and collect the twist locks by means of a „trench“ in the bottom of the container. These are stored for further use in containers in the lashing cage. The lashing cage can also be delivered and used in single versions (20‘ and 40‘).


You have the goods you need transporting, we can provide the hoisting equipment. Together with you we seek out and, of course, find the ideal solution to move your loads safely and efficiently, whether you need to move small batches with large weights or handle series production goods. Please contact us and together we can work out the optimum solution for your handling process.

We design and manufacture on your company premises. This way, we ensure quick decision-making within TAB GmbH for the benefit of our customers. Close and cooperative collaboration in the design, calculation and manufacture of our load handling devices with the classification societies is a matter of course for us.

Be it in the port terminal, the logistics centre, „ship-to-shore“ „ship-to-rail“ or „truck-to-rail“, you decide in which direction you want to move. Together we solve the „how to“.


  • Overheight frames
  • Roll trailers / dollies
  • Container handling systems
  • Lashing cages
  • Lifting beams, spreader bars, heavy duty trusses
  • Special slinging gear, special and customized lifting beams